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An Instance of Umbria

I am in the process of putting together a couple of stories for a project, so I’ll keep this brief and mysterious. Over the Christmas holidays, my husband and I visited Umbria.  And, I will tell you now, so far it’s on the top of my list for favourite region in Italy.  The people are … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita & Pizza di Patate

Ah, pizza night at my house.  The only meal I am required to clean my oven by way of vacuum, afterwards. So, here are some photos – some legitimate photos.  Not just some iPhone snaps to make people jealous of my dinner.   But, to be fair, I don’t know what white balance this should … Continue reading

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Cookies: Brutti ma Buoni Meringhe con Cioccolato (Ugly, But Good Meringues with Chocolate)

My mother-in-law, Alberta, makes a TON of Brutti ma Buoni, every year for Christmas.  Hers is a completely different recipe; one with whole eggs and a flour made from various nuts that she picks up from the butcher, only during the holiday season.  They are delicious with a cup of coffee to dip them into, … Continue reading

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Ragu (As interpreted by the clever American wife of a Roman)

I cook.  A lot.  Every day.  From scratch and never from a box or the freezer.  Martha Stewart is my homey(…not really). Food is important in my house.  And by no fault of my own, I married a really picky Roman man.  Yes, he’s really from Rome… which is in Italy.. and he speaks Italian.. … Continue reading

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Making Cappelletti at Christmastime in Roma

Three years ago, my then boyfriend – and now husband, brought to me to meet his family in Rome, for the first time.  When I say family, I mean his parents, brother and all the other twenty close and extended relatives and friends that show up for Sunday lunches.  Yes, somehow, under the right conditions, … Continue reading

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