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Pizza Margherita & Pizza di Patate

Ah, pizza night at my house.  The only meal I am required to clean my oven by way of vacuum, afterwards.

So, here are some photos – some legitimate photos.  Not just some iPhone snaps to make people jealous of my dinner.   But, to be fair, I don’t know what white balance this should or could possibly be.  There are some fluorescents and some LED’s and an incandescent over the stove.  So, auto white balance it is, because nothing looks right.. and then a little colour correction.. but still looks cartoonish.  Too bad the sun has started setting around 6pm and we usually don’t even think about dinner until 6:30.  Well, maybe some pizza lunch Saturday is due in the near future, so I don’t hate to look at pizza so much.  Okay, so I’m picky about food… photography.

No fooling around, here, folks.  Real ingredients; nothing funny.

Pizza Dough

Makes 6 pizza

1 cup flour

1 cup semola

1 tsp salt

1 tsp olive oil

1 tbs dry yeast

1 cup warm water

Mix it all together, nothing fancy.  Let it sit for one hour in a bowl.  Divide into six balls, let sit for another 1/2 to hour.  Roll out with semola and turn into pizza.  Put your oven on the highest temperature available(yes, really) and preheat your pizza stone for roughly 30 minutesif you don’t have one get one), otherwise a ceramic pan, upside-down, will do.

Pizza Margherita

Tomato Sauce (With nothing in it!  No garlic, no basil, no oregano, no nothing!!! Just tomatoes!)

Fresh Basil (NEVER dried, NEVER Oregano)

olive oil


mozzarella (Not that dried up, shredded stuff!! Get the kind that is sitting in a little tub of water!)

Then, with those ingredients, make it look like this.

20131018-DSCF8617 20131018-DSCF8614

And this is what it looks like after about six minutes in the hottest oven you can manage – or a bit longer, depending on your oven.

(You should have really just invested in a giant, wood-burning, outdoor pizza oven.  What were you thinking? – Me, too!  What was I thinking??)Image

Ivy’s invention of Pizza di Patate con Prosciutto – more on Pizza di Patate in a minute..


Another look at a proper Pizza Margherita; looks delicious doesn’t it?  Look a little closer…Image

Here is a photo, looking a little closer.


Pizza di Patate

(My absolute favourite, of all-time, pizza.)

Thinly slice potatoes, done on a mandolin or large grater

Fresh Rosemary

Mozzarella (that delicious kind I mentioned before)


olive oil

Drizzle a little olive oil onto the dough, lightly salt, add some mozzarella, add the potatoes being careful to not overlap too much or the potatoes will not cook evenly enough.  Rosemary, salt, more oil.


And another look at the best pizza creation known to man:


Enjoy your delicious pizza. (with a beer?)




About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.



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