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Colour Blind

I just recently entered a contest with the them “color blind.” Just their artistic way of saying black and white.  Back to my favourite photography and that big absence of colour screaming at me, missing.  Here are my four entries into the contest: -Cassie Advertisements

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My Average Weekend in the Netherlands : Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Over the last months, the weather has been a hopefully, sunny spring, followed by a cackling, damp winter – then hit repeat.  Due to the unreliability of the springtime weather, here in the Netherlands, we’ve been doing a mix of indoor and outdoor things on the weekends.  There is no such things as “relax” on … Continue reading

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Fully Coloured

Fully Coloured It has come to my attention, lately, that I strongly favour black and white photography; and that is a good thing in my mind.  Black and white photos allow you little distraction from the true point of the photograph, as where colour photographs scream at you from all corners. The problem that I … Continue reading

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My husband’s good friend from University, Leo, moved to Paris last year.  He went through the same weather shock that my husband(also a Roman) went through when we moved to the Netherlands.  “Where is the sun!?”   Despite the rain and clouds, Paris is Paris, romantic and old, and strong and beautiful.  I had been … Continue reading

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Roma by Night

My husband is from Rome; well actually 20km up the side of a volcano with a view of city and sea, but still Rome -and he has an indecipherable Roman accent to go with it.  He and my in-laws own a bed and breakfast in the centre of the city, now, and consequently we spend a lot of time … Continue reading

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Making Cappelletti at Christmastime in Roma

Three years ago, my then boyfriend – and now husband, brought to me to meet his family in Rome, for the first time.  When I say family, I mean his parents, brother and all the other twenty close and extended relatives and friends that show up for Sunday lunches.  Yes, somehow, under the right conditions, … Continue reading

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Portraits in Westerpark

I had my first job in Amsterdam this last weekend.  Westerpark is a great wide-open location for this type of family portraits.  I really enjoyed lugging around my Domke bag again, and this time, while doing as the Dutch, I took my bicycle with me on the train and found my location by cycling.  This … Continue reading

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