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Monochromatic Eindhoven

    I went for a walk on Sunday and made some photos of the town I live in, Eindhoven, Nederland.  We are at the peak of shopping season with Sinterklaas just days away, so it was a great opportunity to make photos of a lot of people.  The intent behind the making of the … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita & Pizza di Patate

Ah, pizza night at my house.  The only meal I am required to clean my oven by way of vacuum, afterwards. So, here are some photos – some legitimate photos.  Not just some iPhone snaps to make people jealous of my dinner.   But, to be fair, I don’t know what white balance this should … Continue reading

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(Green)Gelderland in the Netherlands

Just a couple of months ago, our friends invited us up to Gelderland.  If you have only heard of Gelderland in A Knights Tale and thought that it was a made-up place, well you’re not alone.  Oh, and it’s a real place.  When I told them about this movie and my obvious global ignorance, they … Continue reading

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Colour Blind

I just recently entered a contest with the them “color blind.” Just their artistic way of saying black and white.  Back to my favourite photography and that big absence of colour screaming at me, missing.  Here are my four entries into the contest: -Cassie

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My husband’s good friend from University, Leo, moved to Paris last year.  He went through the same weather shock that my husband(also a Roman) went through when we moved to the Netherlands.  “Where is the sun!?”   Despite the rain and clouds, Paris is Paris, romantic and old, and strong and beautiful.  I had been … Continue reading

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Roma by Night

My husband is from Rome; well actually 20km up the side of a volcano with a view of city and sea, but still Rome -and he has an indecipherable Roman accent to go with it.  He and my in-laws own a bed and breakfast in the centre of the city, now, and consequently we spend a lot of time … Continue reading

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