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An Instance of Umbria

I am in the process of putting together a couple of stories for a project, so I’ll keep this brief and mysterious.

Over the Christmas holidays, my husband and I visited Umbria.  And, I will tell you now, so far it’s on the top of my list for favourite region in Italy.  The people are cheerful, honest and passionate.  How do I mean, passionate?  Well, the people that we spoke to, spent time with and whose work we saw, were truly holding onto something bigger than themselves with a need and obligation, but also an enjoyment you can only call passion, to preserve something about their culture, food and heritage.  This is something that is become more and more unique to see, in any country and something I appreciate very much.

Umbria was much more mountainous than we expected; my husband has only been there, visiting family, as a child.  And, being it is mountainous and wintertime, the fog falls down and lifts, whenever she pleases.


Asking for advice on where to eat… “But.. everything is good, just pick one.”  Not, terribly helpful, but, in fact, true.20131225-DSCF0802

A Pizzicheria.  Something so incredibly rare and I will tell more on this later.  Possibly a last generation Pizzicheria and the only one we saw in our days bumping around this beautiful region.20131225-DSCF0844

The last olives.  The rest had been pressed, just two weeks previous.  I don’t get tired of this.  We tasted, and now own, quite a lot of the olive oil made from these trees.20140116-CJF_4565

A view, of many things… Olive groves, vineyards and landscape.20140116-CJF_4584

The side of the house where my father-in-law was born and a wild, wild grape vine.20140116-CJF_4628

My husband.20140116-CJF_4632

Some roses, growing alongside the aforementioned house.  Quite a fuschia colour!20140116-CJF_4637

The fertile winter fields.  My husband looking towards the house.20140116-CJF_4644

Their vines.20140116-CJF_4659

And more lovely Umbrian scenery.  Do you know this place?20140116-CJF_4673

Zafferano.  I won’t tell where from(as it will be a part of an article), but I will tell you that I now own some of this very saffron.

And I ate some very lovely cheese made by their farmer.20140117-CJF_4832

The fog, falling down and revealing a blue, mountain sky.20140117-CJF_4840Well, that is, very briefly, Umbria.  More to come.  Enjoy your day.

Ciao, ciao.. for now.

-Cassie Jones



About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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