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Quiet of Winter in Italia

Though many places we visit in the summer are busy and full of people wearing visors and socks with sandals, in the winter they’re quite desolate.

I can manage to appreciate both.

On the one hand, I love to see people while their happy and on holiday but, on the other, I also enjoy the unobstructed views of the architecture and landscape and lack of non-locals.  It’s very refreshing to see a village, acting as their own without interruption – without hundreds or thousands of Hawaiian shirts and money belts crowding the streets and barely an cell ring manages to be heard all day.  Just the sounds of music muffling through the glass restaurant doors as you walk down the street and neighbors yelling hello to each other from one balcony to the next and to the street below.

Sometimes, there is only just that one person.


And sometimes, there is an event – a small festival for the children of the village(all 100, or fewer, of them) with singing of Christmas songs and pony rides; the village was completely abandoned otherwise.  The ponies are on their way to the main Piazza, along with every member of the village, all in one place.20140117-CJF_4849

And from far away, you could imagine it might be a ghost town, way up on top of that hill.20140117-CJF_4884

Even in Roma, there is a quiet moment.  This is in the centre.  Just blocks from the Colosseo and just beyond the corner is San Giovanni in Laterano.  Right across the street from Feliz in Roma B&B.20140118-CJF_4913

Where the road forks, straddling olives and surrounded by more olives, one man goes for a walk.  Yes, just a walk through Umbrian olive groves.  Simple and quiet.20140116-CJF_4679

And then, again, sometimes, there is only just that one person.



Ciao, ciao for now.

-Cassie Jones




About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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