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Monochromatic Eindhoven



I went for a walk on Sunday and made some photos of the town I live in, Eindhoven, Nederland.  We are at the peak of shopping season with Sinterklaas just days away, so it was a great opportunity to make photos of a lot of people.  The intent behind the making of the photos was sprung from a photography group that I started almost three years ago; I fell out of “ownership” of the group a long time ago, but I have decided to become a little more active for the social aspect and joined in on this particular photowalk because the idea was to work like Cartier-Bresson.  Anyway, of course, that is what any photographer would strive to be; we walked on our own for a few hours and then met for drinks.. Basically all I could ask for from a Sunday.  I shot RAW on my Fuji X100, mid-afternoon.

Shoppers and Stroopwafels

Ladies by The Blob.


Gebak, Oliebollen Stand



I love these stairs; they are perfectly hidden in the centre of town.20131205-DSCF0362


Zwarte Piet20131205-DSCF0377

Eerie mannequin.20131205-DSCF0380

Public wardrobe change.20131205-DSCF0382



Jesus and a motorcycle.  Merry Christmas.20131205-DSCF0389

Dressed alike; red pants and black leather jackets.20131205-DSCF0391


Kids pricing a haircut; man waiting for haircut; man having a haircut.20131205-DSCF0396

Afternoon tea, al fresco.


Flanking the Witte Dame street art.20131205-DSCF0406

The next two, inside USINE.20131205-DSCF0410


At the Feel Good Market, some days ago.


About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


3 thoughts on “Monochromatic Eindhoven

  1. Nice series

    Posted by Ming-Hua | January 1, 2014, 5:29 pm
  2. I very much like the overhead shot of the station concourse with all the people. Clever shot.

    Posted by Food,Photography & France | April 10, 2014, 2:39 pm

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