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Monochromatic Amsterdam

We live relatively close to Amsterdam; about one and half hours south.  Which by Dutch standards is very far, but for an American, it’s no big deal.  And for my Italian husband and his family, it’s the equivalent of the commute from their house, driving into Rome, on a busy day.  We’ve been to Amsterdam quite a few times in the last two and half years we’ve lived here and I am always happy to make photos of this beautiful and romantic city(forget the red light district and forget coffeehouses).  Think, canals and architecture.

The cracking sun above a canal, just before bringing my in-laws on a boat tour.
This photo, I think, is meant to be seen quite large.  Look closely at the couple, teetering on the small balcony of the Mexican restaurant.

20131114-DSCF0011My little misses.  Just a bit of rain and a few minutes of wind, but the sun was out for most of the day.

20131114-DSCF0024A typical canal view.  The only difference here, is the rain on the water.  I love the speckled and swirling look of the water.  Shot from under my umbrella.

20131114-DSCF0025Swans.  Apparently they’re really loving the canals this time of year.  We also saw some on our tour.

20131114-DSCF0035I walk past this corridor nearly every time we’re in Amsterdam, but never the the “right” shot.. the one in my head.  But this is very close.

20131114-DSCF0044Some portraits.  This is miss Ivy.


20131114-DSCF0055-2And again, my Ivy.  We were waiting as a crosswalk and the light coming around the buildings in the late afternoon was perfect.

20131114-DSCF0057Miss Zoe.

20131114-DSCF0062-2Zoe, again.

20131114-DSCF0063My husband on the boat.

20131114-DSCF0067Miss Zoe on the boat.

20131114-DSCF0069And, little miss Ivy, on the boat.

20131114-DSCF0071Reedery P. Kooij boat tours.  You get a very extensive and informative boat tour lasting about an hour for 10 Euro, 6 for kids.

20131114-DSCF0074My father-in-law, Francesco.

20131114-DSCF0082Carla, friends of my in-laws, also along for her first visit to the Netherlands.


20131114-DSCF0094In front of Amsterdam Centraal.

20131114-DSCF0155-2Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station.

20131114-DSCF0161Bijlmer Station.

20131114-DSCF0168-2Always seeing interesting people on the train.  Also, had a teddy bear on his luggage.

20131114-DSCF9925Reading, Minnie Mouse magazine in Italiano, on the train.

20131114-DSCF9938Eindhoven Station, as we were leaving to go to Amsterdam. (Did I mention, these photos are completely out of order.)

20131114-DSCF9943As we were arriving in Amsterdam, the sun was really intense, on damp pavers.

20131114-DSCF9947Demon in Dam Square. (Pronounced, DOM, not Damn.)  Do you see the demon?

20131114-DSCF9949A panoramic of Dam Square.

20131114-DSCF9950Where I made the previous “crosswalk portraits.” Beautiful.

20131114-DSCF9954The crowd and light.


20131114-DSCF9964Hanging out in a courtyard of the Amsterdam Museum.

20131114-DSCF9974Inside the entry of the Museum.

20131114-DSCF9977My husband in Amsterdam.  I’m a lucky lady.

20131114-DSCF9981Alberta(my mother-in-law) & Carla. I amsterdam.


I am really in love the buildings in Amsterdam.  Not one is perfect.  And they are, very simply, gorgeous.20131114-DSCF9990-2Cheers!

Have a great week, everyone!



About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


One thought on “Monochromatic Amsterdam

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