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The Louvre

This will be a post of primarily photos.

My family and I went to Paris last week to visit a close friend.  This time, saw as many things as possible.  One place I’ve been dying to take my daughters and husband to was the Louvre.

20131021-DSCF8717-2 20131021-DSCF8721-2 20131021-DSCF8723-2 20131021-DSCF8730-2 20131021-DSCF8740 20131021-DSCF8746-2 20131021-DSCF8748 20131021-DSCF8756 20131021-DSCF8761 20131021-DSCF8764 20131021-DSCF8774-2 20131021-DSCF8776 20131021-DSCF8792 20131021-DSCF8798 20131021-DSCF8811 20131021-DSCF8817 20131021-DSCF8820-2 20131021-DSCF8826 20131021-DSCF8845 20131021-DSCF8853 20131021-DSCF8870 20131021-DSCF8875 20131021-DSCF8876 20131021-DSCF8879 20131021-DSCF8883 20131021-DSCF8898-2 20131021-DSCF8903 20131021-DSCF8906 20131021-DSCF8912-2 20131021-DSCF8928 20131021-DSCF8941 20131021-DSCF8946 20131021-DSCF8948 20131021-DSCF8953 20131021-DSCF8960


About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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