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(Green)Gelderland in the Netherlands

Just a couple of months ago, our friends invited us up to Gelderland.  If you have only heard of Gelderland in A Knights Tale and thought that it was a made-up place, well you’re not alone.  Oh, and it’s a real place.  When I told them about this movie and my obvious global ignorance, they said that it made a lot of sense, because the area of Gelderland is full of castles and knights!  Who knew?!

And, we found that in a book about Duiven(the place in Gelderland where we stayed), that there was a duel between two houses(castles) and it likely took place on their property, because it was a farm, right in between the two castles.

Ah, yes.  Some photos from the farm and the open air museum:

Here is the back of the house; our friends’ mother and father are extreme gardeners.  Everything you see, they’ve done themselves.


More of the gardens behind the house.


My littlest, Ivy, watering the garden.


Just about a third of the house; it’s really quite big and they only use a portion of it.  One third of it was used as a doctor’s office and pharmacy, years ago.


Oh, and they have a thatched roof.  They still do that and it lasts for 30 years.  Does your roof last that long?


Our friend’s mother is also a sculptor.  Right in the middle of one of their gardens; beautiful.


Well done archways; can this be my garden, please?


A little maze.


And, there is a ranch across the street. (How do you call a ranch in Dutch?)  I don’t know.  But, how perfect.


My oldest, Zoe, running at the back of the barn.


This is the open-air museum.  It’s absolutely gigantic and really beautiful and very, very green.


My husband, Federico and Zoe.


And now just some beautiful scenery within the museum.


Inside the top floor of a windmill.  My husband and daughters.


A pond, hidden in the woods.


And a bit of a rewind.  On our friend’s parents “farm,” they have quite an impressive orchard on their property.  We made apple sauce and jam while we were there.


Topiaries in the museum.


My, little Ivy, looking out over the pond.


And another beautiful vined archway.


Here is a probably ‘illegal in the USA’ piece of playground equipment.  It’s basically a giant battering ram that kids can play on.  My husband, Federico and Zoe.


Peaking in the windows of the museum as it was closing.


That’s it.  I just wanted to show off a little piece of the Netherlands that I thought was very beautiful.  If you’re ever in the Netherlands and want to see something that really represents the way things used to be, visit the open air museum in Gelderland and we’ll be back, one afternoon wasn’t enough to see everything, for our girls.




About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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