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Oops, it’s been a while…

I get carried away with images, which isn’t a bad thing, but I forget about words.  I like to write.  So here I go.

I’ve been working and re-working my resume/cv. I’ve been applying and emailing and making contacts with everyone I see relevant to my future career. Time for blogging. Probably, but I chose to fill that time slot with other, hopefully, more productive activities.

Since then, I’ve got a long term contribution project in the works for a magazine who has not gone public yet. But I will let you know what it’s called as soon as it’s public. But I can tell you it is an international magazine for expats and other aliens in the Netherlands. Exciting stuff!

I have gotten a few other responses about my Resume/CV, but mostly, “No, not enough experience in fashion/editorial/interior/product/etc. photography. Mind you, these were for entry level jobs and seriously? Entry level and I’ve been shooting since 2007. I know I don’t have all of //// that experience, but how may I go about getting it if I can’t even get a job as an assistant in the field? (And I am apparently too old for an internship.)

Anyway. I’ll post a bit more from now on; make time for this and the many other activities in my life, including Dutch lessons.. the most terrifying language of all to learn, at least from my ignorant American perspective and two years of high school Spanish background.

Thank you Jen, for the inspiration to write again. If you don’t know Jen, she’s making a really awesome blog about her personal goals and she is a fabulous writer! You can check out her blog here:  Thirty M’s

Cheers, all!



About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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