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My Average Weekend in the Netherlands : Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Over the last months, the weather has been a hopefully, sunny spring, followed by a cackling, damp winter – then hit repeat.  Due to the unreliability of the springtime weather, here in the Netherlands, we’ve been doing a mix of indoor and outdoor things on the weekends.  There is no such things as “relax” on the weekends in this house.  Either we’re going somewhere or inviting people over for a “lunch” lasting much of the day.

Here are some images from when we brought our girls to the, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, in Leiden, Netherlands.  Which I highly recommend, in the off-chance you find yourself in the luxurious small village, considered “the” place to raise kids if you work in Amsterdam; mind you, it’s still a 40 minute commute.

I really enjoy that you are required to walk distances to get to places here.  The parking lot is across the bridge and behind the building to the left and we still have a hundred meters to go to get to the museum itself.  My eldest daughter, posing for me.

ImageThe sky-bridge to the museum.  We are still very close to Amsterdam, so just think canals and this is yet another clever way they’ve expanded the museum and created a passage over the water.

DSCF4108It’s a little odd, really, but the museum has an area near the entrance, where you are allowed to touch the preserved animal exhibits.  I think that’s my husband looking a little creeped out; but the kids thought it was interesting.

ImageReally, beautifully done exhibits.

ImageAnd dinosaurs; don’t forget the dinosaurs!

ImageFinally, a good exhibit about evolution, DNA and Darwin.. Yes, yes and yes!

ImageArachnids are, um, not my favourite.. unless they’re steamed and on my plate next to a bowl of melted butter… yep, not my favourite; but so glad for the kids to see so many things.

DSCF4113So, why don’t we relax on the weekends?  Well, we do.. until noon, usually.  And then my husband and I get so stir-crazy that we must find an excuse to leave the house at any cost.  We’ve taken to learning the weekend events schedules for every reachable city; we have discounted train passes and the people at the market stands in Amsteram and Eindhoven are beginning to recognise us.  The real reasons we get out on the weekend are two; one, because we can and two, because we want our girls to experience and see and learn as much as possible and the best way to do that is not in front of the TV or computer or iPad, it’s getting out and marathoning around cities, museums and markets.



About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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