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My husband’s good friend from University, Leo, moved to Paris last year.  He went through the same weather shock that my husband(also a Roman) went through when we moved to the Netherlands.  “Where is the sun!?”  

Despite the rain and clouds, Paris is Paris, romantic and old, and strong and beautiful.  I had been there years before and so had my husband for various reasons, but this time, with our kids, we wanted them to see Paris; the museums, the architecture, the sculptures, food and to spend time with our good friend.

My oldest daughter, at the Arc du Triomph.

DSC_1662Also, at the Arc.

DSC_1671I never feel like a tourist anymore, when I travel; when I visit monuments and museums, I always think, “Wow, there are a lot of tourists!”  But I never think that about myself anymore.  I always feel like my family and I belong there and we’re visiting, like family.. but not tourists.  This of course is not true, we are tourists, but I suppose I’ve put myself in a different frame of mind.  But, then I can really spot the true tourists.

DSC_1680After the rain is gone, can never be a bad moment; the air is thick and the bricks are wet.  And in the night, the electric lights from the cathedral make for a glowing floor for my daughter.

DSC_1702There are some characters in Paris.  I don’t know what part they’re playing, but characters.

DSC_1733Having a busy night and having a break in-between tables.  That is the closest he probably came to sitting, all night.

DSC_1740Leo and co.  This is extremely typical of my girls.  The oldest is picture perfect and the little one running amok and causing a disturbance.

DSC_1755Breakfast.  Madeleines.  Fresh.  I need not say more.

DSC_1794I will humour, whomever needs to see this, with a non-typical photo of the Tour Eiffel.

DSC_1807My husband, at the market.

DSC_1828A little girl, at Notre Dame, feeding the birds.

DSC_1834Up.  Notre Dame Cathedral.

DSC_1868Leo’s neighbourhood.

DSC_1890Not so sure he wants a crepe, it looks.

DSC_1893Typical gallery you’ll find as you walk through Paris.

DSC_1898And the rain; there is a lot of rain.

DSC_1949Splashing in puddles.  Kids can make the best of the rain, when the  adults just complain and saunter along.

DSC_1962Inside MOD(Musee D’Orsay).  The kids really loved it; it was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting them to think it was boring and want to leave.  But they lingered at every painting and asked for the story of almost every one.

DSC_1976Cafe outside of the Louvre.

DSC_2014Our entrance to the Louvre; it was closed, but still lovely to visit for a walk in the courtyard by the pyramids and fountains.

DSC_2018Just lingering at the Louvre in a tuxedo.  Nothing special.

DSC_2060I have never seen this before and I probably never will see it after.  What a steady mind and hand you’d have to have to create something like this.  She wasn’t selling anything at the market, just sitting and working.


DSC_2090A selection of fromages that are most certainly illegal in the US.  And, yes, we bought and ate five or six different kinds; more variety than you see here, even.

DSC_2109Our bustling fromagerie.


DSC_2112A walk to the Natural History Museum and gardens; which I highly recommend, by the way.

DSC_2123My girls making exercise of the outdoor space of the Natural History Museum.

DSC_2127Leo’s view.


Then, sadly but not-so-sadly, back to home base in the Netherlands.  Home is in so many places now.  And Paris is lovely one.



About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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