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Portraits - Children

Portraits in Westerpark

I had my first job in Amsterdam this last weekend.  Westerpark is a great wide-open location for this type of family portraits.  I really enjoyed lugging around my Domke bag again, and this time, while doing as the Dutch, I took my bicycle with me on the train and found my location by cycling.  This has become a really normal habit in my life, after two years of living in the Netherlands.  Also, in the next year we are planning a move to Amsterdam, so we try to spend as much time as possible there, on the weekends, scoping out the neighbourhoods.  When I think about where I come from(small town Wisconsin, brr!), I really wonder at how truly unique all this bicycle riding is.  Anyway, I love it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way – except for the rain.  At least on shoot day, there was just a perfect cast of clouds.


The park is always filled with people on the weekends, but it’s easier than you’d think to find a small pocket of park to yourself.


Nothing stuffy; I just let the kids run around and play and the candids really make the best portraits of these kids.


It was just barely warm enough for the kids to pretend that it was summer.  Perfect anyway.  I guess one of the benefits of living in a country with so many days of cloud cover is that even distribution of light.  No flashes this day; not even a reflector.




About Cassie Jones Feliziani

An American photographer and food lover, married to an Italian man and living in the Netherlands with her two little girls.


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